Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unexpected work is never fun..

I took someone's shift for Sunday so that she could hang with her husband on his birthday (and apparently didn't think to request it off in the first place..) and in return, she took my shift for today.. WELL, around 11:50 I got a call and her daughter had a 'fever' and she needed to take her to the 'doctor' so could I please work today? UGH! And she kept asking if that was okay..what was I supposed to say to that? "NO, it's not, I was planning on sitting my pjs and watching all of my dvr-ed late night shows, very important stuff! So, no, I can't work for you so you can take your daughter to the doctor, if that is, in fact, what you are doing!" I don't think retail management is the place for parents to work if they don't have enough of a support system to look after their kids when things happen. And there's no way for her to take another one of my shifts this week, convenient for her, no?
Work wasn't terrible though, even the person who usually annoys me didn't bother me today.. and I realized I'm getting old because I was working with a couple of our high school age kids tonight and instead of thinking "These are cool girls, I wish I could hang out with them." I thought "When I have kids, I hope they turn out like them." How weird! Luckily, I didn't say it aloud because I think that would have been even weirder..


  1. Well, extra money is never a bad thing, right? And I assume she owes you for another time now :-)

    And that would have been HILARIOUS if you had said that aloud! Hahahahaha

  2. Yes... money is always good, but I heart my days off SO much, they're almost as good as money to me, haha..