Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm generally pissed at the whole world most days..

On the news, they told a story of some cats that were doused in gas and that had to be put down because it seeped into their organs. The story focused on who could have done it and what mean people they are and I get that, it shouldn't have been done and the people who did it should pay. But, I also am angry at the owners and I hope they're angry with themselves and learn something from this. Domesticated animals are not meant to be outside. If someone's 2 year old child was left outside to wander freely and do what it wants, the parents would be sent to jail. I feel the same way about the animals, they're helpless, they rely on their owners for protection and they trust their owners to keep their best interest in mind and when they don't, it's always the poor animal that suffers. I've discussed this several times with people I know that let their cats outside and most of the time their excuse is usually one of two things:

1. "My cat doesn't leave the yard."
2. "But they love going outside so much and won't leave me alone until I let them out."

Seriously, unless you are constantly watching your cat while it's outside, you don't know what it does and if your kid begs you to let it light it's hair on fire, you still won't let it because you know it's not safe!

Sometimes, I don't think I can handle hearing any more stories of animals who have morons for owners and I don't think anything I say or do will make any difference. Maybe I'll stop watching the news and going on the internet. And I'll stop talking to anyone at all.. just to be safe.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can't we just deport all of the morons?

I need to speak to intelligent people right now! I've had stupid flying at me from every direction lately and I can't take it anymore. Thankfully, I have tomorrow off so if I can just avoid facebook, I think I'll be able to avoid hearing/seeing anything ridiculous.

Oh, and sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.. I felt like I was being too whiny and negative and was sick of having a pity party on here. (I swear I'm not that whiny and negative in real life!)

And as far as the TTC situation goes, I'm starting clomid once this cycle ends (hopefully in 12 more days once I finish my provera!) I found a new doctor who spent a great deal of time talking with me about ttc and learning as much as she could about my situation. That was refreshing after the multiple appointments I had last year that would be all of about 5 minutes long and would leave me feeling like the doctor didn't give a crap about me.

So, I'm cautiously optimistic right now and so glad I'm finally moving forward.