Saturday, September 5, 2009

There's no reasoning with preacher's sons, is there?

Currently, I'm in a debate on facebook (I know, how stupid) with one of Dh's friends, who I like very much but who just happens to be a religious nut (he's 26 and still holding out for marriage, honorable or weird? You decide.) Anyway, the debate began with universal healthcare, went to abortion, and now has become about sex education. He feels that my suggestion of teaching 'proper sex education' instead of abstinence only is socialism. WHAT? Ugh, I was so over it and then he posted that comment and I just told him off in the nicest way I possibly could without calling him a fucking idiot with homo-erotic tendencies. (Calling him anything with gay connotations will really fire him up, since that's SO horrible, lol) And Dh tried to make a joke in the thread which just pissed me off because he's always joking, can't we talk about real issues for once? So he just got told off too.. it doesn't help I'm on my third beer either.. Anyway, am stepping away from facebook for a few days until I can laugh at all of this..

Oh, and I caved and took a pg test this morning.. and since I'm on my third drink, you can guess what the result was.. so now I wait for Af, I have lots of NOT pg symptoms too.. :(


  1. I think what's worse than reasoning with a preacher's son is trying to reason with a pastor's wife! That was me this week.

  2. Oh man, was that the person who defriended you? It's so frustrating because I'm not changing my opinions and I know they aren't changing theirs.. Why do we still bother to argue with them?!?