Sunday, September 6, 2009

If you want AF to show, wear white!

That has never been true for me but today it was.. I was trying very very hard not to get my hopes up about this cycle and I didn't *feel* like I had my hopes up but Af showing hit me like a ton of bricks today..and it happened at work to make everything that much more *awesome.* I held it together though even when the other manager was all concerned about merchandising and was asking my opinion and I just wanted to scream "IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE MY PERIOD STARTED!!!!!" Then the day ended, I got in my car, and proceeded to cry the whole 10 minute drive home, got it together only to lose it again when I walked in the door and Dh asked me what was wrong. TTC has turned me into a whiney/crying/pathetic mess and I don't like it! So, excuse me if my funk lasts a little longer than I planned.. on to the next roller coaster cycle where I hope and pray it's normal and if God feels like I've been extra good, maybe he'll throw a bfp my way.