Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just fabulous..

So, pregnant co-worker decided she needed a "regular hours" job so she found one and essentially gave 3 days notice and guess who gets to go back to full-time hours to pick up the slack?? Me, yay. And I get to start it right now, this week, the week before I fly to Florida for 6 days. So, instead of having yesterday and today off AND one more day before I leave, I just had these two days and I believe I'll probably be working until the day I fly out, hopefully not because that will be 8 days in a row, but I don't know because the schedule hadn't been posted as of Sunday. Not knowing when my next day off is just makes me so super happy! Ugh, I'm just so bitchy today, I always have big plans for my days off and I never accomplish them and I think this cycle is looking anovulatory so...that's my excuse for being irritable. Oh, and September sucks because my cousin who was my best friend died on September 21, 1993 when his friends were playing with guns and accidentally shot him, or so we've been told, unfortunately we'll never know what really happened that day. Anyway, ever since then, bad things have happened in September. I'm sure there were numerous things that went wrong many years ago that I can't remember but more recently, there was September 11th..
Then in 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit my hometown and made it look like a war zone. I stayed with my grandparents in their very sturdy brick home and at about 2am when the hurricane was moving over us, I was convinced the house was going to blow apart. I'll never forget the look on Dh's face when he came to my grandparents house the afternoon after the storm had passed. He had driven over as soon as it was over (all the cell signals were jammed and real phone lines were destroyed) but my grandparents and I had driven across town to check on my parents so he had no idea if we were at the hospital or what..
But anyway, I really went off on a tangent today.. moral of the story is September sucks (and that is part of the reason I didn't fly home this month) and I'm bitchy. Have a nice day.

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