Saturday, March 31, 2012

Okay, I suck.

I can't seem to type anything interesting lately. All of my infertility stuff is on hold until the husband decides when to have his surgery. All of my thought processes are the same as they were a year ago. I'm still angry/bitter/sad/overwhelmed/confused every day.

I'm also trying to enjoy my life/figure out what to do with myself. I've enrolled in school again and am taking one online class at the moment. (It's a math class, which is why it's the only one I'm taking cause I suck at math and this class is freaking hard!) I don't know what my eventual major will be but I do know I want to take more than one class at a time, ha.

I also joined Pinterest and wow, what a holy time waster! I get sucked into that site and don't surface until 3 hours later sometimes. (I'm ctheserocks, btw, if you want to see all my useless ideas for transforming my house (that I don't into something incredible. I also have a board for my imaginary baby which I think probably does more harm than good most days..)

So, I'll be around..