Thursday, December 9, 2010

My sangria isn't strong enough..

It's been a rough afternoon/night and after 3 glasses of sangria, I still am not buzzed enough to feel good.

The things I was most worried about weren't anything to worry about and what I didn't expect to happen happened at our RE appointment today.
After looking at my HSG films, the doctor said that he doesn't think I really have a bicornuate uterus or even a septum but he is sending me for a 3D ultrasound to find out for sure. He said all of my bloodwork and ultrasound stuff looked good, I have slight PCOS but I'm fertile and have healthy ovaries and plenty of eggs.
Then he switched over to Dh's results. On his S/A, he only had about 7 million sperm, most of which weren't motile. He then said that our chances of having a child on our own is slim to none and that our best chance will be through IVF. Dh is going to do another S/A and is seeing a urologist to see if there's anything that can be corrected. (He went through chemo when he was younger and we always worried that had an effect on his reproductive stuff..) So, if we can get his sperm counts up, we'll have a good chance with IVF. But, if they don't go up, I guess unless we want to use a donor, we're done with trying to have a child of our own.
We've both been in sort of a daze since then, Dh met me at the clinic so we had separate cars and I held it together until I was in my car and out of the clinic parking lot, then I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't control myself and felt like someone had died, it was horrible and I ended up pulling over in a parking lot to get it together.
So, I guess we still don't really know what our next step will be until probably the end of January. Until then, I guess I'm off to learn about adoption..


  1. Big ((HUGS))...I'm not sure about your hubby's motility #s but his count is higher than my H's 1st count & higher still than his 2nd f/u count. He had borderline motility & we did IVF/ICSI & got pregnant on the 1st try (& just had a baby girl - I don't talk about the IF on my personal blog b/c I have IRL friends as followers who don't know about it). All of that is to say don't give up on your dreams of a biological is absolutely possible for you. GL to you!

  2. Big (((hugs))). I hope the urologist will give more promising results. In the meantime, you'll both be in my T&P's.