Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't you love when you wake up in the morning

And think all is right in the world? Then you realize that it's not.

I had that moment the morning after our follow-up appointment. Woke up going "ahhh, another day.." then all the news of the previous day came crashing down and I went "Oh... Yeah." I've been up and down since then, it doesn't help that Af showed on Saturday and added to my already crappy mood. I can't tell how Dh is feeling though, he seems pretty normal but that's usually how he is, things don't get to him. My challenge with him is that he puts things off and while I don't blame him for wanting to put off doing another semen analysis/having his junk examined, it's been 2 years, and now that we know there is a definite problem, I feel like we need to hurry up and find out what to do next in this process. We both think the news won't be good but even so, we need to know.

In more cheerful news, Christmas is fast approaching and besides one gift I have to print from my computer/ship, I'm finished with my shopping and SO glad I get to avoid the mall and Target until after all this craziness is over. Also, we received our gifts from Dh's parents yesterday and there are about a million of these medium and small boxes wrapped for me. Dh's mom usually gets me awesome stuff so I'm super excited but Dh won't let me open them until Christmas! The presents from my mom are supposed to be here tomorrow so I may just open one of those instead.. ;)

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