Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yeah yeah, I'm thankful and whatever..

I was planning to write this whole sappy "things I'm thankful for" blog yesterday but I didn't. I am thankful and despite all the crappy stuff that goes on in my life, I have a great husband, a loving little dog, a supportive family, entertaining co-workers, good health, and the means to pursue parenthood.

With our follow-up appointment happening in a couple of weeks, my new plan is distraction. I've been Christmas shopping, thinking about Christmas shopping, working, thinking about work, playing ball with Brady, cleaning the house, reading magazines, eating lots of bad stuff, and anything else that doesn't involve babies or baby-making. So far it's worked.

Who isn't faring so well is Dh. I don't know if it's his distraction technique or what but he has gone on an absolute shopping spree over the past two days. In general, he's a pretty frugal guy who will buy something he wants if he sees it for a good price but, well, I'm going to list for you what he's purchased since 3am Thanksgiving morning (and he did it all online, we're going to be swimming in boxes!):
-A netbook
-NBA video game
-2 Flat Screen tvs (one for his mom which she's paying him back for)
-Keurig coffee maker (for me, yay!)
-$50 Itunes gift card (also for me)
-Two mini video cameras (one's for his sister)
-Deep fryer

And okay, two of the things are for me but I did not request them, he just bought them and said "Hey, I got a good deal on these for you!"

And now I've found a new thing to be thankful for, Black Friday is over and hopefully everyone can stop posting all of their "great deals" until Cyber Monday, when DH will be at work. ;)

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