Thursday, November 18, 2010

My uterus is evil..

Had the HSG today, which I wish I could say was easy and I would gladly have it done everyday but I can't, it sucked big time!

On the way to the hospital, I got lost (stupid gps!) and was 10 minutes late and was having visions of having to reschedule but the staff was really nice and said lots of people get lost and not to worry. I filled out some paperwork, changed into a gown and was ushered into the x-ray room which was WAY more intimidating than I expected. It was all dark and had a giant flat table in the middle with machines all around and a tray set up with all the tools they needed, I took a deep breath and said a prayer at that point.

The doctor explained that some people have cramping when the catheter is inserted so I should expect that, she told me when she was doing it and I felt a slight pinch but that was it so at that point I was feeling pretty optimistic.

THEN she started inserting the dye, at first it was just some pressure but then one of my tubes spasmed and she had to start pushing it in harder while having me lay on my right hip then on my stomach then on my back again. I actually exclaimed to the room how much pressure and pain I was feeling which is not like me, I usually grin and bear it when having things done. After a few agonizing seconds (that felt like HOURS), it was over and I could go. I almost lost it in the bathroom because I started thinking "If that was that horrible, how am I going to manage to have a kid?!?"

Then I almost started crying when I got to my car because I was still feeling lots of pressure and needed to get home and I had NO idea where I was and didn't trust the gps anymore.

But, I managed to get home and felt much better by the time I got here. Then I checked the mail and saw my dad sent me a Cracker Barrel gift card for Thanksgiving (with some extra money on it for the gift shop).

THEN I started crying.

So, I had a good cry, called my dad and grandparents to tell them how it went. Then I started googling what the doc told me, apparently I have a bicornuate uterus or a "horned uterus" (when she told me that, I thought, 'AHA, so it's my evil uterus that's keeping me from getting pregnant!') but now that I google it (and I wish I hadn't), I could also have a septum which I will probably need an MRI to diagnose and possibly surgery to remove it. And I'm also more prone to miscarriages, great. Now I'll anxiously wait for my follow up appointment in December to see what the RE has to say. I thought after today, I would be done and could come up with a plan to get pregnant but now I might have to have more procedures, seriously, universe?!?

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  1. Just wanted to tell you that I'm here if you need a friend. I'm sorry the procedure was so rough, but to be honest labor isn't that bad because they can give you drugs. lol. Huge hugs! I hope that your RE comes up with a plan, that hopefully won't involve any more painful procedures. Good luck and keep us updated!