Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well, someone has to set a bad example!

Nearly every day I think to myself "Self, today, we're going to eat nothing but healthful things, stay away from any baked goods that may cross our path, we'll find time to do yoga, we'll take the dog on longer walks and we'll like it!" But, then I get a craving for funfetti cupcakes and I buy the mix, manage to not make them for a few days but ultimately give in and make the whole box of them..So, now I have a dozen funfetti cupcakes plus an 8" round cake (because I only have one cupcake pan and zero patience). BUT, I made the cupcakes yesterday so now I have 5 cupcakes and 3/4 of the cake left. I ate four.. FOUR cupcakes today! I couldn't help myself, they're sitting there looking all delicious on my cake plate and my brain keeps telling me that they're going to go bad and I don't want to waste my beatiful cupcake frosting/sprinkling work. I should have made them when I was going to be working the next day so I could have shoved most of them off on my co-workers. But, I didn't.. and I ate four cupcakes in one day, plus a muffin, plus lunch at Longhorn, bbq chex mix, banana chips, and apple cinnamon cheerios with strawberries on top.

Oh, and an orange.

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