Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, I was writing a blog..

I have been so scatter brained these past two days, it's amazing I've gotten anything done..but I have and it feels awesome!! I made myself stay offline during the day (and yesterday I didn't even watch tv!) and that gave me more time to clean/run errands/cook yummy stuff. It's crazy how much time I can spend on here and not even realize it. For instance, as of right now, I've been on for about 2.5 hours and it feels like it's been 30 minutes even though I've researched hotels near the hospital where my grandfather is having his tumor removed (hopefully in a couple of months, if the chemo does it's job!) and I've looked for flights for my trip home in October (although my fabulous Dh is going to use a credit he has and book one for me tomorrow!) and I've ordered an awesome id tag for the doggy (his current one is fading fast) AND I've caught up with my fabulous nesties..more and more people are getting their BFPs everyday, very exciting for them, sad for me as I get left behind *sniff sniff*

BUT (and please excuse my hyperactive use of caps, parentheses, and exclamation points, I have tons of energy right now for no good reason at all), getting AF on my own this past cycle has helped to pull me out of my funk and I've been terrible at charting this cycle (shouldn't have taken that week of AF off..), all of my days except one have open circles but I'm so not stressed about it, I have tons of opks to use once I start seeing ewcm anyway (and I *will* see it, I have faith!)
In the meantime, I'm finding exciting things to do for myself.. first up on the agenda: taking a trapeze class or at least going for one swing on it to see if I'm up for a whole routine. Dh and I saw one at a place one weekend and I flipped out but had just eaten and didn't want to show everyone what I had so I didn't try it. But the other day I remembered it and thought "Why the hell not, I'm off this weekend, I'm going back to do it!!" And I may not make it there this weekend..but I will make it there..oh yes I will... and I will probably fall flat on my face..haha.


  1. LOL I have faith that you won't fall flat on your face :-P

    And as always, I have faith that you will get your BFP soon :-) Yay for getting AF on your own too!

  2. I'm impressed that you are going to do the trapeze thing. Sounds like a lot of fun, and it is a great way to keep baby off the brain. :) I hope you enjoy it!