Sunday, July 19, 2009

TTC is driving me crazy!

I'm generally a pretty logical person (although my Dh thinks otherwise!) and when I started this blog I decided I would try to write about interesting things and not blabber on about myself constantly. WELL, every time I try to come up with something to write about, all I can think about is TTC.. it's taken over my brain and I've tried to vent about it on here (and to my fabulous fellow nesties!) so I don't talk about it with every freaking person I meet. Yesterday I found myself discussing our TTC path with a co-worker that I haven't even been working with for a week yet! (Granted, she *did* ask me when we were planning to have children and she already has a child and for whatever reason I felt like sharing my story that day..) And today at work, there was a grandma walking around pushing a crying newborn-ish baby in a stroller and I wanted to go see it but instead my legs sent me in the opposite direction and I felt a (BIG) twinge of sadness. Luckily, I had all the clothing in our backroom to distract me.
And it doesn't help that I once again have crosshairs on my chart (although I still think it's possible that I o'ed right around the time I was sick and just didn't catch it since I missed a couple of temps).. and I've been having weird things going on with my body and the logical part of me knows they aren't pregnancy signs but the whacked out baby crazy part of me thinks it's possible. Google doesn't help either, apparently ANYTHING could be a sign of pregnancy! So, to help me debunk the almighty google...

Here's my list of NOT pregnant signs that I've been having lately:

1. Back pain: could be pregnancy, could be all the standing I've been doing for work
2. Sharp twinges (kind of cramps) on both sides of body: probably random cramps that mean nothing
3. Leg cramps: (I never get these but one made me leap out of bed in the middle of the night last night, then I had a good laugh thinking about how crazy I probably looked!) Also, had leg cramping tonight. Probably a fluke or I didn't have enough potassium for whatever reason, ate a banana tonight and cramps went away. Although I did have a banana last night before my leaping out of bed like an idiot episode. Probably still just a fluke.
4. Metallic taste in my mouth last night and tonight: Google said it could be pregnancy or gingivitis.. probably gingivitis.
5. More tired than usual at night: Probably just from working.
6. Lots of weird dreams: REALLY weird dreams last night (which was listed as a sign of pregnancy on one site I went on, haha). They're probably just a symptom of my impending insanity though..

Those are all of the not pregnant signs I can think of right now although I'm sure as soon as I finish this, I'll pee and it will look funny and I will think it's a pregnancy sign and then I'll trip and think it could mean I'm pregnant... I'm so sick of the word pregnant now, ugh!


  1. I totally understand how you are feeling. One month I had ALL those symptoms plus I was super sensitive to odors and had excessive saliva (which after googling I found out was a pregnancy symptom) With all the phantom symptoms I've been having, I should have gotten a BFP MONTHS ago! Hang in there and stop googling! That's what I've done!

  2. Oh yes, I forgot about the excess saliva, I have that too, lol. Will try to stop googling.. I bought a value pack of opks and pg tests today so now I'll just poas everyday, haha..