Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My new distraction is..

Car shopping! Oh yes, Dh and I have been discussing buying a new car for me for a while since my current one is an '05 and we're getting close to paying it off. So, since our recent move chaos has died down, we've started seriously looking into cars..well, as serious as one can get while looking online.

And we HAVE to research online first because if I go and get into a car and fall in love with it, I won't care about the features or price, I will demand to have it and regret it when I find a better car for a better price later.

AND, I think we're going to get a brand new one, which I've never had before. (Dh had a brand new truck when we first met) So, I'm very excited about that.

We're looking at pretty low-priced cars so the ones I really like are the Chevy Cruze and the Honda Fit (any info anyone has on these would be appreciated).

We're also thinking about leasing since we care more about having a newer car than having an old, paid-off car so if anyone has any insight on that, I'd appreciate that as well!

So now I just want to go drive some Brand. New. Cars!!!! (that makes more sense if you read it to the tune of the Price Is Right's "Come on down!" tagline)


  1. Not sure about the Honda Fit exclusively, but we love Honda's in general. My husband had an accord in highschool, has a civic now, and I drive a crv. The civic an the crv were both bought new, gotta love that smell! :) Happy car shopping! :)

  2. Thanks, Stef! I did forget to mention that I drove my parents old honda accord all through college and loved it. We finally traded it in when it was about 13 years old and was still going strong.