Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day!

We had 24 inches of snow here today, it's crazy and freezing but at least Dh and I got the day off of work! We did a whole lot of nothing with a little snow shoveling in between.

And lately, I've been able to not think about TTC too much, partially on purpose and partially not. I think it's mainly because I know there's really nothing to do until our follow-up with the urologist in February. I've thought about starting to learn more things about adoption but besides looking into a few agencies and lurking on a couple of message boards, I haven't. I'm just not ready to give up the thought of having a biological child. If/When that time comes, I know I'll have to "grieve the loss" but I don't see why I should put myself through that until it's certain.
I also was seriously considering seeing a therapist a couple of weeks ago because from right before to a few days after our last appointment, I couldn't talk to anyone about anything without almost crying (at one point, I basically started crying at work.. because my manager was being nice and telling me everything will work out). Then I was in a funk for several days and didn't care to do anything. I thought maybe I was pms-ing around the same time which would explain a lot of it but AF has yet to show and I'm out of the funk so that wasn't it. I still haven't totally squashed the therapist idea, I think our insurance would cover a lot of it and it probably would be a good idea, especially if we find out we're totally screwed.

Until then, shopping has been my personal therapy and I'm in need of a new handbag (especially since it's been almost a year since I bought my last one, it wasn't cheap so I promised DH that would be it for a while..and it has been!) I like this one and it's on clearance AND easy pay..

Okay, never mind, the stupid website won't let me borrow the picture.. here's the link if anyone


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  1. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!

    I am hoping that you will have good news soon on the ttc front, and think that it's great that you are dipping your pinky toe into the adoption process, for the just in case scenario.

    I think that therapy could really help. It must be so stressful to be ttc for a while and still not having answers. I think it's healthy to feel upset, angry, frustrated, but I also think that it's good to have an outlet other than shopping. :) However, that purse is really cute, and makes me think of you. lol.

    Just know that I am sending tons of thoughts and prayers your way whatever happens. HUGS!