Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waiting.. waiting..

I keep thinking of entertaining things to write about but then when I'm finally in front of the computer, I can't remember any of them..

Same thing happens when I talk to my family on the phone. All I feel like I've done lately is work/go home/walk the dog/eat stuff/sleep. So, when my Mom called me tonight after not hearing from me for over a week, our conversation went like this

Mom: "So, what have you been up to lately?"
Me: "Working, you know.. not much..what have you guys been doing?"
Mom: "Oh, nothing, working too.. you know.."

I'm pathetic! Without doctor appointments to keep me busy and since I no longer have to wonder why I'm not pregnant yet, I have nothing interesting to talk about! Plus, it's freezing out and we have about 10 feet of snow (okay, exaggerating.. it's more like 4 feet..) on the ground so I can't really take the dog on outings to the lake/park right now. So, in my free time, I watch tv, eat, and ask the dog why he's staring at me (Seriously, he does that a lot..)

That's it, that's my life.. until Dh's next doctors appointment, then maybe I'll have new things to think/talk about..


  1. When is your DH next appointment, I've been hoping for an update. Thinking of you and your "waiting". HUGS!

  2. Thanks Stef! His appointment is on the 22nd.