Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today I escaped my life..

For about 6 hours.. I watched The OC, oh yes, sexy people doing sexy, scandalous things, it was a must see back in the day and I forgot how much I love it..until today when, on a whim, I put on one of the dvds. I was just going to watch one episode..then I would go do the things I needed to do today.. then I watched another..and another. And then, I had to take the dog for a walk and Dh came home and then he said he had some stuff to do so I could watch I put on another dvd and watched many more.. it was glorious. And it transported me back to a time when life was easy and fun.. and I plan to make it that again, somehow.


  1. This is how I am with Gossip girl and criminal minds!

  2. I love days like this! Just time to relax and rest!