Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Red Sox are on and I'm really sleepy..

Every time they're on lately I end up getting really sleepy and falling asleep on the couch.. last night I fell asleep practically sitting my grandpa. And right now they're in a rain delay and I brought the computer over to sit on the couch with Dh cause I felt guilty he was all alone over here and now I feel like I could fall asleep while I'm typing. (and I slept about 11 hours last night so exhaustion clearly is not a factor..)

In other news, I have always hated snoring, this stems from vacations with family members who snore and keep me up when we're sharing hotel rooms. Seriously people, snoring like that is a medical issue, see someone! BUT, my little doggy snores like an old man and I think it's the cutest thing ever. Moral of this story: if you're fuzzy and have a cute face, you may snore. If not, get some help or you risk waking up to me smothering you with a freakin' pillow!

Also today on My Amazing Life: I went to have blood taken for thyroid testing and various other hormones related to why the crap my body is not being pregnant. And I was a big girl..and didn't cry and didn't make Dh come hold my hand like I did last year (but I was *really* sick then and exhausted from all the sickness!) I did text him after requesting a prize but he didn't deliver.. that's okay, he got told and I suspect there will be a prize the next time that I request one!

And then I got home and called my grandpa, who just had a feeding tube put in before he starts chemo..I was very apprehensive because I heard he was in a bit of pain after the procedure but he was his usual joking self which I guess is about the only way to get through this stuff. Why does shit like this happen to awesome people? My grandpa is a war veteran who served his country and then went on to work for many more years to create a nice life for his family. He's always been patient and kind and with his constant positive influence in my life, I escaped any daddy issues I could have had with my parents messy divorce. He and my grandmother have always lived healthy lives and they are the last two people I would ever expect to get cancer. The first couple of days after he was diagnosed, I couldn't even talk about him without crying and even now, over a month later, I cry thinking about that big strong guy I know being weak. I feel guilty that I'm not there to help them but I am also thankful that I'm not there to see it all. I just pray that the chemo works and then surgery can remove the rest and we can all move past this, I can't imagine having children who have never met my grandpa.

And with that depressing note, I'll shut up.. this blog has rambled on for too long..


  1. Re: Snoring - you would never be able to deal with my husband! He is HORRIBLE and he has seen a doctor but they refuse to treat him. Luckily I am the soundest sleeper in the world :-P I hope the blood draw gives you good results :-)

  2. Oh no! I didn't know doctors refused to treat anyone, thought they wanted all the money they can get!

  3. Lol I guess refuse to treat was the total wrong wording. Basically they said the sleep study was inconclusive.