Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gloomy weather depresses me

Seriously..if it's crappy for more than one day in a row, I get pretty sad..maybe I'm used to the non-stop sunshine in Florida (and the sun reflecting off the white sand makes for extra brightness). But it's been more gloomy than sunny here in Mass for weeks now! And Dh and I are going to the Red Sox game on Sunday. I was so looking forward to this game because the last one we went to (In April) was on a cold day and surely the game in June would be on a warm/sunny day! NOT, the high is supposed to be 59 and it always feels colder in Fenway to me. I'm so bummed and don't even want to go now but have to cause it's too late for Dh to get rid of the ticket (his sis and her roomie are coming too, so he wouldn't be alone..) I just *hate* being cold and I fell on some ice during the winter and since then, my ass hurts when I sit on hard surfaces which I didn't realize until the last game when I sat down on my chair and went "Ow!" (and then had to sit kind of sideways for 3.5 hours..which then made my back hurt..) So, maybe I'll pop a couple of pain pills and wear my parka (and hope we don't have a flamer sitting behind us singing the whole game, seriously, I have no problem with gay people, I have lots of gay friends, and yay for gay marriage but we don't enjoy hearing you talk about musicals and sing while we're at a freakin' baseball game!) Rant over.


  1. I promise you, this weather is NOT normal for June. June is my favorite month of the year, but this has been just about the worst June ever! I am so sick of this crap weather too :-(

  2. :nose up in the air: I'm in FL and you're not!!!! =) PS, I hate it when its gloomy....I have a bad attitude all day